58: Living well is the best revenge

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  1. Cole

    Although it’s not a quote, I still love it :D I almost wish you could’ve integrated a Zuckerberg quote into this…

  2. Tamuz1

    I loved this comic, it reminded me of the exact quote you posted. You unique comic style is great, keep on making them. Best of luck :)

  3. Anna

    wow, is the worldwide freeshipping true? I’m getting myself some prints them!! =)

  4. Amit

    Sure is different than the approach in your other comics, in means of the message. But excellent art as always! If it is indeed a quote, maybe it should be mentioned in the end..? Just a thought.
    Great work as always Gav! Keep ‘em coming!
    P.S. Just received some posters I ordered! I can’t explain to you how fun it is! :))

  5. Richard Rocha
    Richard Rocha

    This was not “zen” at all.

    • Bearfoot

      Yes it was.. it was on the site after all.

    • Calibur

      It never says everything he makes is zen. It merely says that the pencils he uses are zen, and you don’t know if they are or are not.

      • Richard Rocha
        Richard Rocha

        Not the pen, but the paper (zen paper, got it?).

    • karl

      If you see the Buddha on the road, kill him.

  6. Carlos Felipe

    I know exactly what you mean.

    On wednesday I`ll launch my bet on comics here in Brasil.

  7. tudza

    Well, it beats killing him with a hammer.

  8. Ricardo Cardenàs
    Ricardo Cardenàs


    • Calibur


  9. Odin

    though there’s no quote given
    the impact spells in my mind

  10. Al

    Spacebook – Gav, that’s a great idea!!!!!! We’ll be rich!!!!!

  11. Emilia :) (EM)
    Emilia :) (EM)


  12. chetana

    excellent!! i totally appreciate the final “in your face” moment :)

  13. Gav

    I know this isn’t Zen but sometimes I like to lighten the mood and have a bit of fun with my work – sometimes I need a break from the philosophy and deep, heavy stuff.

    • Brooks

      I respect your work Gav, and your artistic freedom to do whatever you like with it… But look at the comments saying that this is ‘a great message’.

      Is it really?

      People change. All the time. It’s really a strange bully who wouldn’t have gained a little wisdom over such a long time. If he didn’t, what suffering would HE have been subjected to that he became so stuck in his ways? Does he deserve a shred of compassion for whatever is causing him to act in such a way?

      If spite is a prime motivator for you, what happens when you finally ‘stick it’ to all the people who doubted your ability and resolve? Do you think that anger goes away when you’ve trained your mind to be fueled by it?

      While you’re taking a break from the deep stuff, the deep stuff isn’t taking a break from you. The trick is that Puckerberg didn’t win. He perpetuated the hatred he was subjected to. It’s kind of a sad story when you think about it.

      • Gav

        Hey Brooks, I admitted my ‘spite as motivator’ isn’t the best attitude to have. The quotes on this site are for my own personal growth as well as my readers.

      • JJ

        Hello Brooks,

        As a child I was bullied, a lot. Sadly things weren’t great at home and I was beaten at home too.
        But I stuck to working hard, to studying….constantly striving to become better. The one thing that actually got me through the hellish life I had was actually ‘spite’. It was my abhorrhance of the bullies and my childhood that gave me determination to push myself and become better. Fast forward 14 yrs – and I’m finally where I wanted to be – A surgeon. Whereas my bullies are stuck in menial jobs.

        I won’t lie – the fact that I’m in a good position makes me feel better. But what’s important is that the hatred is no longer there, it merely worked as a jump starter, a big push when I needed it to. Sure Spite may not be a model motivator. But never underestimate how strong human emotions can be. It can take you a looong way.

        And Please don’t try to sympathize with the bully! A lot of bullies have perfectly normal happy life/childhood, they simply bully because they want to feel superior. It’s the victim that needs the compassion – it’s social alienation, rejection, inability to interact – isn’t unlikely to kids with Childhood trauma.

        And to Gavin – Thank you. You just depicted my life (apart from buttock showing and spacebook – should’ve thought of that lol )

        • Gav

          Thanks a lot for sharing JJ, appreciate the comment.

      • Cezar

        To have compassion to our enemy is the best way to insult him. Its like putting coals in his head. If Marcus, shows his butt to his former bully like that, then Marcus is now the bully. If Marcus is a really a good person, he would help his former bully. By helping his former bully, he can make it as his friend.
        I have an impression that Marcus becomes the bully now.

        • Zeke.

          Sometimes we see your humanity, Gav.
          And that’s just alright.

        • Simon

          Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with how the comic ended. The kid turned his negative experiences at school into a source of inner strength which allowed him to achieve what he wanted to. And while I wouldn’t literally flash my arse at former ‘associates’, as a figurative f**k you, it works incredibly well to convey the point. :)

      • Gravatar


  14. b3r51

    Pukerberg studied hard and has been rewarded with success! It’s so evident, that’s what we see each day, right?

  15. Justin

    Uch, wish the revenge was with someone other than Mark Zuckerberg. I’m not his biggest fan…

    I like to think, as a former nerd in school, that today’s comic protagonist was me. I do wish sometimes that I’d grown a pair, back then… (^= ^ )

    There’s a saying I remember from my Army days… those HS star jocks and other dickheads, that period is usually the peak of their lives. Those that bloom later, usually bloom better. (‘- ‘ )

  16. Willem

    Life is beautiful! Ain’t it wonderful..here is such a great message in this cartoon.
    I could share with my partner who’s having a rough time at work. This cartoon is exactly telling her story. Instead of mirroring all she has to do is channel her raging energy into positivity and use this energy to drive her success. I am very grateful. Thank you.

  17. Victor

    It was not zen, but definitely it’s inspirational.

    good job!

  18. Sean M

    For someone who wasn’t bullied, you express it pretty well.

  19. Bill

    I had the pleasure of living this comic, with the variation that my bully, the BMOC-jock-class-president peaked as the manager of a Wendy’s, and his cheerleader girlfriend became morbidly obese. Late bloomers can continue to bloom long after the first flowers have died. Mooning isn’t even necessary… pity is the best revenge.

  20. Bearman

    hahah Puckerberg. That guy can just pucker up.

  21. Erica

    Not zen? Well… That works just fine. Take the middle path.

    I’m considering this a version of the Ugly Duckling. My focus isn’t on the spite of the achiever… but the stupidity and short-sighted of young bullies.

  22. fx

    Revenge? Job superiority?
    Is a janitor at Mac Donalds someone you have the right to laugh at??

    I dont like it.
    I dont like your adult-but-successfull-bully.

  23. Stefano

    It is too sad to see a poor guy that becomes an asshole like the asshole that he met at the start of his life. I don’t like this comic.

  24. William

    This website was the best thing I’ve found in a quite long time and I really admire your work Gav, but this comic has a really sad and terrible message: Puckerberg only sustained the cycle of hatred that he had suffered. Suffering will never cease if we keep following this path.

    “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” (Gandhi)

    • Calibur

      You see, he attempted to forgive.
      His forgiveness was not accepted

  25. the eggplant is only calories
    the eggplant is only calories

    What a discussion we have going on here. At last a post that divides the readers. Anyway, it wasn’t the “janitor at mcdonalds” he was laughing at. He was merely rejoicing in his success. At the expense of the bully? Sure why not! Just look at the first few images. It was just a moon. At least he didn’t hire the janitor to clean his bathroom. That would be another case.

  26. AissArt

    Lighten up, people it’s not that serious!
    Gavin, I love the story and your sense of humor. Keep up the great work.

  27. inharz

    I find it true but also disrespectful. Indeed the best revenge is the show how you’ve succeeded in life, but is a McDo’ janitor a person you can laugh at ? I mean, it’s a job like all the others and, from the point he loves his job and make it the best he can, we have absolutely no right to laugh at that person.
    Maybe it’s just a comparison between Zuckerberg’s success and Bully’s success, then we can affirm janitor isn’t a good job, but, like I said, no one can, and shall, judge a job.

    Anyway, I like this comics, a little bit less than the others.

  28. Aravindh

    Very inspiring. I’ve been going through a tough couple of years and your comics always never fail to give me inspiration :)

    As a side note, could you try making a comic based on H. G. Wells “Discovery of the future” quote? (where he talks about all past being the mere beginning of a beginning) I’ll give you the text if you cant find it.

  29. Jason Brock

    lol nice

  30. Anonymous

    “It is too sad to see a poor guy that becomes an asshole like the asshole that he met at the start of his life. I don’t like this comic.” –this

  31. M

    What you wrote here on this post. Absolute truth!

  32. Vir

    Maybe it’s just me, but I would definitely buy a poster with at least part of one of my all-time favorite quotes by Mark Shuttleworth incorporated into it. I thought you might like it, since it says a lot about space travel, science, and education, which are all things you’ve referenced in your past drawings.


    The full interview is here:


    I really like the way you do these drawings. I started recognizing your drawing style after seeing it come up on occasion on 9gag.com. Great work, I hope this takes off for you.

    • Gav

      Great quote, thanks!

  33. LA eEeRMoOsHaAW MaSh VeEyA:D
    LA eEeRMoOsHaAW MaSh VeEyA:D

    Well, I think this comic is a very good comic, because the older brother who is a son of a bitch, because being the greatest is his younger brother like shit

  34. Bruno

    Reminds me very much of this quote:
    “Live well. It is the greatest revenge.”
    – The Talmud

  35. Isaac

    Living well is not the best revenge. Pressed ham is the best revenge.

  36. Monisha

    Good quote and Good comic. I like it.

  37. Alasdair

    Now this one’s more like it. And also: you quit your job to do this? Woah… good luck! That must have been a hard decision, but with comics this good, I believe it will prove to have been the right one. And even if it doesn’t work out, remember that Teddy Roosevelt quote you illustrated; it’s better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

    • Gav

      Exactly right Alasdair, thanks

  38. farn

    I wasn’t popular in high school, I never had a girlfriend, but I didn’t live well to make up for it. I didn’t get good grades, I dropped out of college, and I was never able to find a job. Live isn’t fair, just because your life sucks at some point doesn’t mean you’ll be rewarded for it later. Some times the horrible people become successful too.

  39. Kwisatz Haderach
    Kwisatz Haderach

    As a student of computer science working evenings at McDonalds I am no stranger to being bullied by the patrons on daily basis. I wasn’t expecting to be bullied here. In a sense this comic describes my life in 180%.

    It is inspiring indeed, I will just continue what I am doing and someday you might develop rheumatoid arthritis.

    PS. Your Bene Gesserit comic is kind of rubbish. They were more like Palpatine than Jedi.

  40. daijanus

    I am working at McD. Im not the guy who lost. I win because i have all the time i want. I dont need the money. I need the minutes to live every second. And to make good (unpaid) art.

    Dont judge badly on janitors. Sometimes they are happy.

  41. Elaine Chow

    This is one of my favourite lines, and one I know from experience to be true. It basically means the best revenge is not technically revenge — but to refuse to let anyone’s abuse do more harm than good, and find fulfillment and liberation through your own achievements — something no bully can take away from you.

    • Gav

      Well said Elaine

  42. Ash

    “Back to the Future” anyone?

  43. followthatcar!

    I love it! Happiness is the best revenge indeed. Though according to research, in real life, unlike in pop culture, the ones who are popular in school are the ones most likely to succeed. But things can be defied I guess.

  44. sdfsdsd

    I don’t get how a high school valedictorian ends up working as a McDonald’s janitor.

  45. goatfella

    Isn’t the message contradicting the other messages? Those who said that being successful is irrelevant? Also success seems to turn everyone into douche-bags. ;)

  46. Nox

    This comic reminded me a lot of Spider-man’s story where he must make a deal with the demon to save Aunt May.
    There he met a number of his ‘alternate’ self, the ones who didn’t become Spider-man. It included one pouring his rage for the bully (remember, Peter Parker is bullied lot more than average lot) to his studies and ended up a very successful man, I daresay more than Tony Stark.

    The rage is there inside, it’s up to us how to use it. That’s how I try to live my life.

  47. Mant

    I word in the IT industry and this comic couldn’t be farther from the truth: every middle manager to executive in this industry is that bully. Is not the best programmer who gets there, but the same types that do stuff like running for class president, those who know how to convince others they are more important and should be followed.

  48. Robert

    The enlightened person just lives his life and has no malice for anyone, ever; only compassion.

    If he has greatness in him it will come forth with simple stewardship.

    Greatness is about inspiring people to be better.
    Building a virtual empire is not greatness.

    Successfully having a web site that features inspiring quotes is not necessarily inspiring people to be better either.

    We can only inspire people to be better…
    By endeavoring to be better people in the most mundane aspects of our everyday lives.
    Like whether we mock someone or not.

  49. Hugo

    Actually – “The best revenge is massive success.” Frank Sinatra

  50. Zurechtweiser

    Great comic! It portrays the widely spread assumption that go-getters would end up working at mcdonalds when in fact the people who have always been bullied end with a needle in their arm and the ones who dominated others even become the richest of all.

  51. Neil

    This comic is really inspirational and something that i really needed this today

  52. Emily

    I know I’m a little late to the party, but this comic really spoke to me. I was teased in high school, and I used to dream of the day I would come back for my 10 year reunion and show them all how awesome my life had become. So here I am, a successful software developer with a great husband, an active social life, and a house in Boston. My 10 year reunion came up last summer. It was finally my chance to live out that high school fantasy, but I suddenly realized I didn’t need it any more. Now that I’m living the dream the idea of sweet revenge, of rubbing it in their faces, has no appeal any more. So I skipped the reunion. Truly, living well is the best revenge.

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